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Fraser Murray
Managing Director

When global head of training at Barclays, my goal was to set up my own business providing exceptional service to clients and offering experts who are brilliant in their field of expertise.

I set about finding permanent and associate facilitators and coaches whose expertise we rated above all others. Today we have around 60 experts based globally who are some of the best in their field.

I want a team of people who truly partner with our clients, delivering what they love and what they do best in an inclusive and collaborative way. I'm proud that Rock the Boat has been recognized for our partnership and collaborative approach.

I have my parents to thank for my strong values and ethics and these are the basis for our client and associate relationships – shared values. My experience in the retail, food and beverage sectors helped me develop a strong sense of and commitment to service. The team at Rock the Boat must be prepare to go that extra mile for our clients.

We aim to provide excellence in Leadership and Talent Development globally. Currently we have some of the very best facilitators and coaches in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Our list of satisfied clients continues to grow as more and more clients realize that for lasting transformational change they need to Rock the Boat. Regardless of your sector, we have the expertise to develop your leaders and high potentials and ensuring you build and maintain a diverse talent pool – without resorting to quotas!

We believe everyone has the potential to deliver more than they are currently contributing. Organisations need to not only create opportunities but also to create the right conditions for success. Continually asking staff to deliver more with less is only possible with change, new ideas, different techniques, often obtained by investing in developing people to be even better.



Our regional headquarters are in London and Hong Kong, with operations in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America.  In addition to English, our language capabilities include French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and many more.

At the heart of Rock the Boat is our associate facilitators and coaches.  Throughout the years, we have been expanding our global network and are committed to bringing the top experts and associates to work with our core team of permanent staff to support your organization’s learning & development needs across the globe.

Rock the Boat goes through a vigorous and thorough recruitment process for all associates and coaches to ensure that our clients get the best experts in their field.

With our global network and expertise, we can empower your organization by bringing comprehensive learning & development programs and strategies to grow and enhance the potential of your staff.

Rock the Boat (Hong Kong) offers 25 experts across Asia-Pacific so if your managers need training or one to one coaching, we can offer you the perfect match.


John Frank

John is a specialist in strategies that help leaders move away from strategic planning to a ‘tactical positioning’ approach. He is responsible for creating and delivering a number of leadership development courses including a course targeted to millennials called “4G Leadership” which emphasizes the need for future leaders to use their unique talents to demonstrate strategic and social responsibility that considers all stakeholders within their organization’s plans for future growth and development.


Margo McLimas

Margo is a leadership development coach with experience building and delivering programs for executives and business students. She has coached all levels of management, from CEOs to first-time managers both in Italian and English.



Yvonne O'Reilly

Yvonne is a highly accomplished executive coach, leadership facilitator, speaker and change management consultant. She helps her clients move beyond familiar ways of “doing” things to more powerful ways of “being” as individuals, as teams and as organisations. Her work has an innovative and original dimension with a laser sharp focus on bringing out the best in leaders and teams.