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Executive coaching & mentoring



There is strong evidence to suggest that talented individuals have a much greater degree of success when an effective coach or mentor supports them. We have a range of experienced mentors and coaches, with expertise in specific areas, who can support the individuals within your organisation to fulfil their performance requirements and their potential. 





Our Coaching Academy offers top quality qualified coaches who are exceptional in their field and our robust coaching process involves a number of stages. The secret of our success is built not only around the tried and tested techniques, which gives individuals ownership of their own direction but also in the search for the latest thinking in this field. As rapport is so critical to the success of the coaching relationship we ask clients to choose their coach generally from a choice of 3 suggested experts. Our clients seek coaching to support them in a number of ways:


  • Transitioning into a more senior role
  • Career Cross roads
  • Cultural Challenges as a result of wider global responsibilities
  • Career Development for Graduates
  • Dealing with Change and Challenge
  • Improving work relationships



We facilitate Mentor Master Classes for both mentors and mentees in which they learn how to get the most from their mentoring relationship. We train hundreds of mentors and mentees a year and are the preferred supplier for providing Mentoring Programmes for many of our clients. In addition to providing training for participants of Mentor programmes we also offer support with the matching process of Mentors and Mentees; a critical part of ensuring the success of the relationship. Mentoring is a relatively cost effective way of addressing a number of strategic levers:

  • Feeding your leadership pipeline
  • Developing your in-house high potentials and Graduates
  • Sharing experience and knowledge across the business
  • Improving the diversity of your talent pool

Personal & Team Development



Whether you're an individual looking to enhance and grow your skills and capabilities, or are a corporate team looking for a way to enhance your performance and efficiency, learning and development is the key to unlock your potential.

 Learn practical and applicable skills from experienced trainers with engaging and innovative learning and development approaches.



Personal Effectiveness


  • Speaking & Presenting
  • Personal Effectiveness / Achieving Results
  • Networking Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Influencing Skills
  • Time Management
  • Personal Impact
  • Building Confidence and Emotional Resilience
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Managing Your Career Progression



Results Through Others


  • Stepping up to Management
  • Management Styles
  • Managing Performance
  • Delivering Feedback
  • Critical Conversations
  • Delegating
  • Coaching Skills
  • Motivation
  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sales & Client Management


Leadership Development

Talent Assessment & Identification


  • Do you know which leadership skills & behaviours are required in your organisation?
  • Does your organisation have the right skills to assess and develop your leaders?
  • Do you have the right combination of leadership assessment tools?

Identifying the right kind of inspirational leaders so that they can be developed and retained is a challenge that all businesses face today. Having the right tools to identify these emerging leaders, both internally and externally, is vital to ensure the recruitment and retention strategy delivers your business objectives. Importantly these tools also help you differentiate those individuals who will be the key to inspiring a 'sea change' in the attitude, motivation and performance of all your people. We use a variety of tools appropriate for each client as part of our development solutions such as the use of "Value cards", TMSDI and the Assess psychometric tool.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development solutions are dependent on the client needs and are tailored as such. Our programmes can involve the facilitation of Management Essentials through to you own tailored comprehensive LDP (leadership development programme). The journey begins with increasing self-awareness using 360 degree feedback, other personality diagnostic tools and progresses to facilitated workshops, 1:1 and team coaching and the use of Action Learning.


Some Leadership Development Topics

  • Stepping up to Leadership
  • Leadership Stature & Presence
  • Leadership Styles
  • Business Strategy
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Measuring Strategic Performance - balanced scorecard
  • Leading Managers
  • Influencing Skills for Leaders
  • Create High Performance Culture
  • Managing Change





An example of our comprehensive programme format

Diversity & Inclusion


Today’s fast-paced, complex global business environment requires diverse teams and diverse thinking to come up with the innovative solutions to keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Diversity & Inclusion is no longer just a CSR initiative, but is evolving into an important part of an organization’s HR strategy to engage and retain top talent in an organization.


Diversity of Thinking

At Rock the Boat, we promote a concept of Diversity of Thinking in organizations.  More than ‘equality,’ Diversity of Thinking means incorporating different perspectives, analysis and possible solutions to address complex issues today.

By increasing your diversity of gender, ethnicity, personality types and other factors your organization gains the scope of experience and thinking that is required for innovating and growing your business.

To truly gain a strategic human resources advantage, organizations must look beyond workforce statistics and evaluate their HR strategies and policies as a whole, including:

  • Recruitment Practices
  • Assessment Standards
  • Performance Review
  • Career Development
  • Senior Leader and Board Level


Women’s Development

We believe in identifying and developing talent to enable people to maximise their potential regardless of their gender. A 5 year study of Fortune 500 companies showed that companies with sustained high representation of Women Board Directors outperformed those with zero WBD's by 84% return on sales (Catalyst, 2011).

We provide speakers, coaching and training in specialist areas including women's development to help organisations and individuals change;

  • Institutional mind-sets
  • Individual mind-sets
  • HR policies and processes
  • Mentoring and Sponsorship Programmes
  • Lifestyle choices and decisions