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'Women Leading in Asia' workshop with HK TWF

This week Rock the Boat colleagues organize an executive coaching event with The Women’s Foundation (TWF) at Baker & McKenzie, Central on Saturday. We are fortunate to host an event with TWF to explore what makes a good leader for women in Hong Kong. 

A recent article “Breaking the glass ceiling: Women Leadership in Hong Kong” published by Andrea Zavadszy, 10 March 2014 clearly highlighted that there are significant differences between the leadership role as a male or female in Hong Kong. The social status of women is one of  invisibility and a feeling of being devalued in their workplace – the outcome - women seldom achieve senior levels in workplace

Rock the Boat offer the skills to provide positive change for the women in their workplace in Asian countries, allowing women to strive for and achieve their full potential to be great leaders and overcome the existing barriers often present in Hong Kong and across the globe. We provide the concept that women have high potential to be a good leader by breaking all the difficulties in Hong Kong.

For further information, please contact us by email via info@rocktheboatconsulting.com if you wish to discuss further.