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'Women Leading in Asia' programme

Rock the Boat are excited to announce the launch of our 'Women Leading in Asia' programme, targeting high potential women at every stage of your talent pipeline.

Whilst we recognise the need to prepare women to make the next step on to the board, we also appreciate that many organisations still need to create 'diversity in depth' and hence need to develop women in middle, as well as senior management.

We have therefore created a suite of flexible options to ensure you can select the most appropriate modules to develop a more tailored programme for the various talent levels within your organisation.

We can deliver the programme exclusively to your organisation or smaller/medium sized organisations with fewer nominees can elect to join up with one or two other companies to keep the investment levels manageable. We are launching the programme as women in Asia face particular challenges which, real or perceived, have an adverse effect on them progressing through the pipeline. However, we can also tailor the programme content should you want us to facilitate something similar in your other locations as we have the capability to deliver globally.

For further information, please click on the icon opposite and then contact us by email via info@rocktheboatconsulting.com if you wish to discuss further.